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LEGBUD GARGULA is an entity being included in the GARGULA group.

Highly qualified staff, modern machinery and equipment, fresh ideas and care for details caused that our company won great esteem on the construction market and is nowadays one of the biggest manufacturers of gates, Garages and fences in Poland.

The company keeps on extending its knowledge and competences in order to deal with increasing demands of customers in a professional way. This gave new investments, development of technical facilities and obtaining splendid professionals. Thanks to permanent presence on fair shows, we got in touch with many companies and built up a network of commercial units both in Poland and abroad. Interest in the products we have in our offer makes us certain that we chose a proper direction.

All products of our company are manufactured in a professional way which makes is possible thanks to use of modern machinery and equipment which is constantly extended by new devices and technologies. It is caused by ever growing technical requirements for products and market needs as well as trends on the market. Therefore, all our products are manufactured in accordance with safety standards and their quality is confirmed with CE mark and a series of certificates.

GARGULA Capital Group its a group of companies operating in all major industry segments related to the wider market hole joinery.

Indywidual group companies cover a profile of most of issues related to the market, which allows the Group GARGULA provide services, manufacture products and to be high level supplier.


Since the beginning of its activity, LEGBUD GARGULA has paid much attention to quality. Quality management in our company consists of complex inspection of raw materials, production process and ready products.

The highest standard of our products was confirmed by a great deal of awards, titles and certificates. The most important of them include:

The CE marking
(also known as CE mark)

Sustainable company development

LEGBUD GARGULA mission is to provide high quality manufactured products, characterized by a high degree of innovation, and ensuring excellent customer service.Priority is the issue of sustainable development, which manifest itself no only in the conduct of internal poilicies to protect the environment, but also in customer service, new product development and investment policy. The use of modern technology would help to reconcile the pursuit of a satisfactory economic results with a deep concern for the social environment and the natural environment.

In LEGBUD investing in innovation of our products and the latest search technology goes hand in hand with a positive impact of our activities on most areas of life in the company and outside. For our employees, this approach means the continuous and radical action to improve the health and safety conditions at work and develop their talents and skills. Outside the company manifests itself in the continuous development of supporting local communities and concern for customer satisfaction..

To meet the demands of customers, the company continues to invest not only in human resources, but also in machinery and manufacturing processes such as power through quality control, monitoring of distribution. Concern for customers to provide products and services of the highest quality, while providing the company a profit, and employees of job satisfaction, manifest in:

  • constant awerness of quality by the use proper management
  • systematic training and motivating employees
  • reducing the costs of production and eliminate losses
  • good cooperation with suppliers and customers
  • regularly monitor the implementation of tasks of qualitative
  • permanent improvement processes
  • providing products compliant with customer requirements

Thanks to modern technological facilities and specialized staff LEGBUD can offer the highest quality products, reliable and easy to use. All company products are manufactured in accordance with safety standards and their quality is confirmed by the CE mark and a series of certificates.

Application os sollution arising from the policy of sustanable development enables the Company to achieve many benefits such as:

  • Increasing competitiveness - introducing the principles of responsible business is one of the streangths that make the company gains a competitive advantage.
  • Raising the level of the organizational culture of the Company by improving our standards of conduct towards stakeholders (employees, contractors, customers) based on trust, accountability and transparency for all concerned.
  • Developing a positive imege employees of the Company through continued investment in improving the safety and comfort. Particular emphasis is placed on the implementation aspects of equal opportunities and develop their talents and skills as an important element in motivating employees.
  • Attracting and retaining the best employees.

As long as politics LEGBUD GARGULA company is based on the principles of sustainable development will enable the implementation of the priority objective of the company, the balance between economic efficiency and social and environmental interests.


Recognizing the need for assistance, the company LEGBUD GARGULA for many years engaged in charitable activities. With care and commitment to respond to the problems of the needy, because every year we try to actively respond to the request addressed to us.
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