Detached garages

Garages located by the house manufactured by LEGBUD GARGULA are functional and cheap solution of the problem of securing car or other property against the influence of weather conditions as well as the theft. Structure of garages is made of steel galvanized sections. Walls are cladded with trapezoidal sheet - trapezoid T10 - galvanized or coated with organic layer in colours from RAL palette. The roof is made of trapezoidal sheet - trapezoid T14.

The sheets are fixed to the structure with use of steel rivets and the roof sheets are fixed with self-drilling screws with gaskets. In standard garages, tilt-up doors GARSTA are installed (also with a wicket). It is also possible to install a biparting door and additional entrance located in side or rear wall. Structure of the garage makes the installation exceptionally simple and quick.

Garages are produced in two basic dimensions: 3000x5000x2100x2000 and 3000x6000x2200x2000 (width x length x height front x height rear). We also manufacture garages of dimensions adjusted to individual requirements of area up to 28 m2.

In standard execution we use two cross-bars. It has a primary influence upon safe usage for example in situations when a thick layer of snow lays on the roof, which should be removed. The garage shall be fixed to the base by screwing the structure to the foundations with use of (steel) expansion bolts.

It is also possible to install a garage as a semi-detached (wall with or without filler). Other option is manufacturing the garage with ridge roof or shed roof.


RAL 3005 RAL 6020 RAL 7016 RAL 8004 RAL 8014 RAL 8017 RAL 9005
RAL 9006 RAL 9016 Golden oak Nut Bog Oak Winchester Anthracite

Colours and the structure presented on the website LEGBUD GARGULA should be regarded only visual aid.


Wypełnienie standardowe

Wypełnienie panelowe


Wypełnienie segmentowe

przetłoczenie panelowe
przetłoczenie panelowe
przetłoczenie pojedyncze
przetłoczenie pojedyncze
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bez przetłoczeń


Dimensions of typical garage in mm (width x lenght x front height x back height)
3000 x 5000 x 2100 x 2000
3000 x 6000 x 2100 x 2000

A garage must not be higher than 3000 mm, wider than 4000 mm and longer than 7000.

Additional equipment

  • serial garage with common wall - wall with fill or without filler
  • GARSTA gate ,sheating with polyester layer - option in case of galvanized garages
  • wicket door installed in the door leaf (standard execution)
  • wicket door installed in the garage wall (standard execution)
  • holder for padlock (2 pcs.) by the doors
  • double drop roof or single
  • gate NC
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