Roller shutter doors LG-77

LEGBUD GARGULA roller shutter doors join sophisticated technology and comfort.

Similarly to sectional doors, roller shutter doors enable parking vehicle right in front of the door. Additionally, it is a great advantage that there are no ceiling tracks, thanks to which room inside garage is saved.

Door skin is led vertically and coiled on the shaft. This enables parking right in front of the door, which is significant particular in the case of small Garages. Skin is made of LG-77 aluminum profiles filled with freonless polyurethane foam. It is resistant to mechanical actions and ensures good thermal insulation.

Solid aluminium tracks preclude from tearing out and installed brushes provide quiet and smooth operation of door skin.

Lower cellular seal enables ideal adhesion to floor and eliminates tiny irregularities of surface. Door skin is connected with winding tube by means of the so-called hangers which concurrently serve as blockades and preclude from raising the door when it is completely closed. Therefore, there is no need to use any additional protection. Standard door is outfitted with electric drive actuated with a button from inside of room.

Additionally, outside key switch may be installed as well as remote control and opti-electric barrier (photocells), which greatly enhances comfort of operation irrespective of weather conditions. It is possible to fit glazed profiles in door, which shall ensure stronger light inside. The doors are manufactured in several colours from RAL palette and in a timber-like colour.



White Cream white Beige Golden oak Nut RAL 8014 RAL 8019 RAL 7038 RAL 9006 RAL 7016
RAL 9005 RAL 5010 RAL 5011 RAL 6005 RAL 6009 RAL 3004 Mahogany Graphite DB703 Winchester Wood-dark

Colours and the structure presented on the website LEGBUD GARGULA should be regarded only visual aid.


Glazed profile
Glazed profile


Standard dimensions of the roller shutter doors:

Hole dimension
So x Ho in mm
2230 x 2160
2650 x 2160
2650 x 2700
2900 x 2160
2900 x 2700
2900 x 3230
3400 x 2160
3400 x 2700
3400 x 3230

Non-standard dimensions of the roller shutter doors:

Scope available dimensions of width Wo in mm Scope of available dimensions of height Ho in mm
od 2300 do 4500 od 1700 do 4000

Additional equipment

  • profile with ventillation openings
  • glazed profile
  • inertia safety-break (option for gates with surface below 9 m2)
  • remote control (set: receiver, transmitter, photocells)
  • casing box (option for gates opening height below 2800mm and width 2800 mm)
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