Tilt-up doors GARSTA PRO

Tilt-up doors with possibility of outfitting with all possible variations. Full scale of colours, any size.

  • wicket installed in leaf
  • preparing for further thermal insulation
  • thermal insulation
  • horizontal layout of door skin and PVC panels
  • ventilation embossment or grating
  • adjusted for cooperation with TOP / LUX drive


RAL 3005 RAL 6020 RAL 7016 RAL 8004 RAL 8014 RAL 8017 RAL 9005
RAL 9006 RAL 9016 Golden oak Nut Bog Oak Winchester Anthracite

Colours and the structure presented on the website LEGBUD GARGULA should be regarded only visual aid.


T-10 pionowo (standard)
T-10 pionowo (standard)
T-10 poziomo
T-10 poziomo



The scope of available dimensions of width W in mm

The scope of available dimensions of height H in mm

Uninsulated leaf
The maximum area of the gate: 9,5 m2

from 1900 to 4000 from 1900 to 2800

Insulated leaf
The maximum area of the gate: 8,8 m2

from 1900 to 3900 from 1900 to 2700

Additional equipment

  • wicket installed in the leaf of door - standard execution in doors of height up to 2,300 mm, wicket along entire height of leaf, width 900 mm, in higher doors the clear height of wicket is 2000 mm (required width od door shall be min, 200mm)
  • preparing door for further additional thermal insulation of the leaf (6 kg per m2 max 60 kg)
  • horizontal layout of door skin to the width of 3000mm (it is not possible if wicket is installed in the leaf)
  • horizontal layout of PVC panels (refers to the version with additional thermal insulation of leaf)
  • execution of embossed ventilation opening in door skin (embossment up to 0,7 m2)
  • instalation of TOP lock adjusted for operation with uncouping device in LUX version
  • wicket installed in the door leaf, special execution (required width of door shall be min. 2,200mm)
  • Glazing, window glass (metacrylate) with dimensions of 637x334 mm or 665 x 345 mm
  • Internal trim gate made of metal
  • The unification of the appearance of the gate
  • Painted frames with the exception of the threshold - RAL color
  • Ventilation - padded version
  • Fittings door frame

WARNING!!! in order to provide proper operation of tilt-up door, raised automatically, it must be equipped with TOP lock and LUX-type uncoupling mechanism
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