GROUP's offer

GARGULA GROUP has been present in the construction industry for several decades. Our production and warehouse centers with strong technological facilities, automatic production lines and experienced and constantly improved staff result in the creation of modern, innovative products at the highest level.

Subsidiaries CELGAR, LEGBUD GARGULA persistently pursue their goals of constant development and presence among the leading manufacturers of gates, garages, fences and joinery, without forgetting about social responsibility.


Innovation and robotization are directions that are not a distant concept for us, but become reality every day, resulting in specific, well-thought-out solutions in our technology and products. By building trust with our clients and business partners in Poland and abroad, we raise professional and ethical standards to the next levels. We remember that technical support and dedicated advice build mutual relationships, showing the individuality of each of our clients and partners.

Continuous development supported by the experience of our employees and supplemented with modern machinery and innovative technology provide us with optimal technical functionality of our products, which, adapted to applicable norms and standards, are characterized by reliability, aesthetics and the embodiment of the latest trends.

GARGULA Group is a group of companies operating in all basic segments of the industry related to the broadly understood joinery market.

Individual companies from the Group cover most of the issues related to the market in which they operate in their business profile, which allows the GARGULA Group to comprehensively provide services, produce products and be a supplier at a high level.

Door panels

CELGAR is one of the largest producers of sectional door equipment components. Its offer is addressed to both business customers and private individuals - the company's assortment includes elements for gates used both in domestic and industrial settings. CELGAR provides its customers with a wide range of panels in many different colors, including wood-like ones. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current offer.

Steel profiles

CELGAR offers steel profiles characterized by high stiffness in relation to weight, as well as high construction quality. The company's offer includes steel sections in three groups: open, closed and special. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current offer.

Steel service center

The CELGAR service center also offers the service of cutting steel sheets, both galvanized and painted, as well as aluminum sheets. We invite you to cooperate.

Garage doors

The LEGBUD GARGULA company, part of the Gargula Group, is one of the leading manufacturers of garage and industrial doors on the Polish market. Thanks to its highly qualified staff, modern machinery and high-quality products, the company is gaining more and more recognition on the construction market in Poland and abroad. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current offer.


LEGBUD GARGULA offers a wide range of residential and industrial fences. A wide selection of designs and equipment options allows you to perfectly match the fences to the nature of the investment and its surroundings. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current offer.


Free-standing garages manufactured by LEGBUD GARGULA are characterized by a solid construction and design that blends well with the surroundings. This is an ideal solution for protecting vehicles against weather conditions.


The LEGBUD GARGULA company also offers sheds. The product's wide configuration options include, among others: size and structure of the plating. Thanks to this, sheds can be used both as protection for smaller movable property and as garbage shelters.